Upcoming Releases and more! Posted on 16 Feb 16:04

February 27th we will be having an awesome release of new polishes, including our Spring collections, a St. Patrick's Day duo, and a Captain America duo to go along with our Iron Man duo! 

We are also fast approaching our first year anniversary since we opened!  February 28th will be our first birthday, so look for something fun!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this last year, it's been a super-fun time, and I look forward to the next year!  Enjoy!

Vacation Announcement! Posted on 10 Sep 14:08

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to post that we will be gone on vacation from 9/17 through 9/24, so all orders placed after 9/16 will NOT ship until 9/25!  I am choosing to leave the shop open, so that you can still shop at will, and every order will be fulfilled as soon as I return! 

I am also planning to restock the Falling Leaves collection when I return.  While the order for the supplies has been made, it is highly unlikely to arrive before I leave. 

Thank you all so much for being so understanding, and for being so incredibly supportive! 

Sloppyswatches - Swatch and Review of our Falling Leaves Collection! Posted on 30 Aug 17:31

Here is Sloppy Swatches' review and swatch video of our newest collection: Falling Leaves!  This collection of 5 gorgeous fall-themed linear holographic polishes will blow you away!  They are absolutely beautiful and stunning in the sun!  


Sloppyswatches - Water Spot mani tutorial & swatches of Summer Sunrise and Holographic Dream! Posted on 18 Aug 23:07

Here we have a few more videos from the ever lovely Sloppyswatches's YouTube channel!  Today I am posting her Water Spot tutorial video, swatch video of Summer Sunrise, and her Multicolored Stamping over Holographic Dream video!  Enjoy!

Water Spot Tutorial:


Summer Sunrise Swatch:


Multicolored Stamping over Holographic Dream:


SloppySwatches - Watermarbling with Shinespark Polish 80's Neons cremes collection! Posted on 29 Jul 01:03

Here we have the Youtube post from the very talented IG @Sloppyswatches, showing our 80's Neons cremes collection being watermarbled!  We also have her swatch video as well!  Enjoy!

Thanks for such gorgeous videos, Jessica!  <3

Shipping Glitches Fixed & More! Posted on 20 Jun 14:10

I know a few of you have run into our shipping glitch, where it was automatically selecting vinyls-only shipping when ordering polish.  I *think* we have this glitch fixed now, where vinyls-only shipping should only be available when ordering nail vinyls!  For those of you who have had this slip-up, I sincerely apologize!

Shipping on polish (to the US and its territories) is a flat-rate $3.00!  We also offer upgraded shipping at $4.95, and free shipping over $50, and these rates are our regular rates, so they do combine with any specials/coupons that we might be running at the time!

That said, again we apologize for the inconvenience and potential headache of the glitch, and hopefully we have it fixed so it will no longer be an issue!

Look forward to some new polishes coming soon!  Announcements will be made on Instagram and Facebook as soon as we have swatches to share!  Thank you everyone, for being such awesome customers!  We love you all!!  <3

Vacation May 7-15, 2015 Posted on 05 May 22:10

As mentioned previously, we will be gone on vacation from May 7th through May 15, 2015.  While we will still be responding to emails that we receive (although there may be a longer delay than you may have previously experienced if you have contacted us, we will still try to respond within 24 hours!), we will be unable to ship orders until we return on the 15th.  We apologize for the inconvenience, however we did choose to keep the shop open for ordering, as we know how frustrated we get when we go to place an order only to be unable to due to a vacation.  All orders made after 7pm CDT on 5/6/2015 will not ship out until 5/15/2015.  All orders received before that time will be shipped out before we leave!

Thank you so much for understanding!  We value and appreciate all our customers, and the highest quality and level of customer service is our goal!  <3

Vacation Notice, Summer Collection Launch, and More! Posted on 19 Apr 16:17

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that the summer collection, "The Light, the Heat," will be releasing at 10:00am CDT on April 29th!  I also wanted to let everyone know that all orders placed between May 7, 2015 through May 15, 2015, will not ship until May 16, 2015 due to us being on vacation.  While we will still be accepting orders through that time period, they will not be shipped until after we return. 

We debated on whether to close the shop during the vacation, however I know that I, as a customer, would prefer to be able to place my orders when I wish, even if it means having to wait to receive it, than run into a closed storefront and not be able to order!  This information about our vacation dates will also be sent out in the Shinespark Polish newsletter today, as well as posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages! 

Hopefully this will avoid any inconvenience, and we will work hard to get any and all orders placed before the close of business on May 6th out before we leave on May 7th!  If you receive a shipping confirmation, then it means you will have gotten your order in before the deadline.  :)

Thank you all for being so awesome and understanding!

Shinespark Polish

Thank You and Upcoming News! Posted on 25 Mar 20:27

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to thank everyone who has, so far, supported Shinespark Polish through its first two launches!  We are certainly picking up speed and looking forward to the future!  There are some great things coming up in the Summer collection, tentatively scheduled to be released April 29, 2015!

This collection, titled, "The Light, The Heat," is a larger collection of 10 polishes.  5 of these polishes are photochromic, meaning they change with exposure to direct sunlight (or the absence of sun).  The more direct sun exposure (like through a window versus being outside in the sun) the more drastic the change!  This is also a similar effect as was seen in the Angels & Survivors fund raiser polish, which will soon be available through the site as well, for a limited time!  The other 5 polishes in the collection will be thermals in an array of gorgeous colors that coordinate with the photochromic polishes.  Pricing will be similar to the other polishes currently being sold, with a full size set going for $70.00, and a mini set for $32.50.  At this time, each "part" of the collection may be available as a set for those only wanting one effect or the other, however it is still tentative.

We will also be releasing an Independence day-themed glitter bomb, titled Independence, and there are some flakies in the works as well!  Keep an eye on our Instagram for the most current developments on that front! 

We are also going to soon begin stocking Mystery Mini Glitter Bombs, with singles available for $3.75, and packs of 3 for $10.00.  These will be one-of-a-kind, totally unique glitter bombs that are chosen at random!  These may be anything from a totally eclectic glitter mix, to a flaky topper, to anything in between! 

Lots of awesomeness is in the works, so keep checking back!  We look forward to seeing you!

Restock, and Release of 80's Neons Cremes Collection! Posted on 16 Mar 16:08

You may or may not have already read about it, but the store restock as well as the release of the 80's Neons Cremes Collection, and the release of four new glitter bombs, will be happening here at 10:00am CDT, on Wednesday, March 18, 2015!  That's right, just two days from now!  These cremes are fantastic: fluorescent neon colors, opaque in 2-3 coats, and super fun for summer!  They will be available in both full size and minis, individuals and sets! 

For the glitter bombs, we will be releasing April Showers, a beautiful springy combination of yellow, pink/light purple, and purple flowers, as well as blue and purple holographic microglitters.  Also releasing are the Disney-themed Mouse Ears and Mouse Bows glitters, which have black Mickey heads, and for Mouse Ears, also includes red fine glitter, white fine glitter, and yellow triangle glitters.  Mouse Bows also includes pink bows and lavender fine glitter, in addition to the black Mickey heads!  Finally, we will also be releasing our summertime Block Party glitter bomb, which is a combination of neon hex glitters, bar glitters, and fine glitters, in a variety of neon colors!  Be sure to check them out!

Just like last time, should sets sell out, we will be accepting backorders, which are expected to go out quickly (within 1-2 weeks) after launch.  We are also working on the next, Summer collection that will be released sometime mid-April, and we have a fun surprise: photochromes!  Keep an eye out for them on Instagram!

It is our pleasure to provide you with the highest quality, best nail polish possible, and that is our goal and commitment to you!  Hope to see you at the restock! ;)