24 Hours to go! Posted on 27 Feb 11:00

Shinespark Polish officially launches and goes live in 24 hours!  For all orders made on launch-day only, we are offering a 10% off coupon code, LAUNCH, that can be applied at checkout!  Similarly, should the stock of full size and mini sets be sold out, new listings for backorders of these sets will be immediately posted.  These listings can still be purchased with the 10% code, but the code will only be valid through 11:59pm on 2/28/15, so be sure to place your order and save! 

Any restocks are expected to occur within 2-3 weeks, though sooner if at all possible.  Backorders will be shipped out prior to restocks, and shipping notifications will be sent as they are packed and shipped, for ALL orders!  Basic shipping runs 3-5 business days, whereas express shipping is 2-3 days within the continental US.  Shipping to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska can take a bit longer. 

We look forward to "seeing" everyone at launch!