Cart Issues Resolved & Coupon Code Questions! Posted on 09 Mar 11:09

In the last post, we mentioned that there were some known issues with the shopping cart being empty when customers went to checkout.  That issue has, thankfully, been resolved entirely.

There have been a few questions regarding coupon codes.  The most common is, where they are input when checking out with PayPal.  After leaving the shopping cart screen to log into PayPal, you will be presented with a "Pay Now" button.  This button does NOT finalize the order!  It will then return you to the shopping cart, for you to finalize your shipping options, as well as edit your customer information if you need to, and add any coupon code you may have!  :)  We understand this seems a bit backward, however this is due to the way PayPal's log in system works.  I hope this clears any confusion!