Thank You and Upcoming News! Posted on 25 Mar 20:27

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to thank everyone who has, so far, supported Shinespark Polish through its first two launches!  We are certainly picking up speed and looking forward to the future!  There are some great things coming up in the Summer collection, tentatively scheduled to be released April 29, 2015!

This collection, titled, "The Light, The Heat," is a larger collection of 10 polishes.  5 of these polishes are photochromic, meaning they change with exposure to direct sunlight (or the absence of sun).  The more direct sun exposure (like through a window versus being outside in the sun) the more drastic the change!  This is also a similar effect as was seen in the Angels & Survivors fund raiser polish, which will soon be available through the site as well, for a limited time!  The other 5 polishes in the collection will be thermals in an array of gorgeous colors that coordinate with the photochromic polishes.  Pricing will be similar to the other polishes currently being sold, with a full size set going for $70.00, and a mini set for $32.50.  At this time, each "part" of the collection may be available as a set for those only wanting one effect or the other, however it is still tentative.

We will also be releasing an Independence day-themed glitter bomb, titled Independence, and there are some flakies in the works as well!  Keep an eye on our Instagram for the most current developments on that front! 

We are also going to soon begin stocking Mystery Mini Glitter Bombs, with singles available for $3.75, and packs of 3 for $10.00.  These will be one-of-a-kind, totally unique glitter bombs that are chosen at random!  These may be anything from a totally eclectic glitter mix, to a flaky topper, to anything in between! 

Lots of awesomeness is in the works, so keep checking back!  We look forward to seeing you!