Vacation May 7-15, 2015 Posted on 05 May 22:10

As mentioned previously, we will be gone on vacation from May 7th through May 15, 2015.  While we will still be responding to emails that we receive (although there may be a longer delay than you may have previously experienced if you have contacted us, we will still try to respond within 24 hours!), we will be unable to ship orders until we return on the 15th.  We apologize for the inconvenience, however we did choose to keep the shop open for ordering, as we know how frustrated we get when we go to place an order only to be unable to due to a vacation.  All orders made after 7pm CDT on 5/6/2015 will not ship out until 5/15/2015.  All orders received before that time will be shipped out before we leave!

Thank you so much for understanding!  We value and appreciate all our customers, and the highest quality and level of customer service is our goal!  <3