Shipping Glitches Fixed & More! Posted on 20 Jun 14:10

I know a few of you have run into our shipping glitch, where it was automatically selecting vinyls-only shipping when ordering polish.  I *think* we have this glitch fixed now, where vinyls-only shipping should only be available when ordering nail vinyls!  For those of you who have had this slip-up, I sincerely apologize!

Shipping on polish (to the US and its territories) is a flat-rate $3.00!  We also offer upgraded shipping at $4.95, and free shipping over $50, and these rates are our regular rates, so they do combine with any specials/coupons that we might be running at the time!

That said, again we apologize for the inconvenience and potential headache of the glitch, and hopefully we have it fixed so it will no longer be an issue!

Look forward to some new polishes coming soon!  Announcements will be made on Instagram and Facebook as soon as we have swatches to share!  Thank you everyone, for being such awesome customers!  We love you all!!  <3