2018 Summer - Radical Flakes Neon Collection

$ 55.00 $ 60.00

This collection is one that must be seen to be believed!  The Summer 2018 collection, Radical Flakes, is a set of 6 ultra-bright neon jelly colors, all filled with holographic micro flakies!  This collection is opaque by itself in 2-3 coats, watermarbles beautifully, and is perfect as a stand-alone polish, for nail art (Jelly sandwich anyone?), and even for use in leadlighting!


Polishes in this collection are:

Day Glo Pink:  This is a bright, true pink polish that brightens up further when put over a white undie. 

Scrunchie Tangerine:  This polish is a flaming red-orange neon shade that is almost blinding over white!

Slap Bracelet Orange:  A gorgeous neon yellow-orange color similar to a bright orange juice, that turns an awesome neon golden color over white.

Fanny Pack Green:  For all of our overseas shoppers, in the USA, “fanny” means rear, rather than more…intimate places!  This is a super bright neon green that only gets brighter over white undies!

Koosh Ball Blue:  Does anyone else remember the soft, fun Koosh balls?  This looks like the blue they came in!  Super fun, and even brighter over white!

Hypercolor Purple:  A purple somewhat reminiscent of the Hypercolor thermal shirts, this is a bright neon purple that also brightens up over a white undie!


All colors are available in full size (15 mL) or mini size (5mL), and individually or as a set.