Harry Potter Collection - Individual Polishes

$ 8.00

Who is a huge Harry Potter fan?  🙋🏻  Who got sorted by Pottermore (🦁), and then made her non-Harry Potter fiancé get sorted (🐍)?  🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

It was only natural then that I would develop and release a Harry Potter inspired polish collection!  The only problem was stopping!  The collection consists of five polishes, however there are two "companion" polishes that are also available through the individual polish listing.  I chose to release them this way as I know some don't care for textured polishes, which the two spell-inspired polishes are.

Now for the lineup!

Hogwarts is my Home: a black jelly polish filled with glitters to represent the house colors  this polish isn't not as glitter packed as some of our past crellies to allow easier application of individual glitters if you so choose. 

Gryffindor: a beautiful, fiery crimson with golden shimmer throughout.  This polish is truly representative of Gryffindor through and through! 🦁

Slytherin: This is a deep emerald green polish with a silvery shimmer.  This polish is truly a match for the colors of Slytherin house!  🐍

Ravenclaw: a deep navy blue with a silvery shimmer, this polish is absolutely a perfect match for the no-nonsense approach a Ravenclaw would take!

Hufflepuff: a gorgeous black polish with gold shimmer throughout, for those loyal to the Hufflepuff house!

~*Introducing our Spell polishes!!*~

Stupefy: a gorgeous deep red jelly polish filled with fiery iridescent glitters that shift in the light to give this polish a dangerous, magical glow.  

Expect Patronum: a beautiful deep green/teal leaning jelly polish filled with ethereal iridescent glitters that glow and shift in the light.

Please note that the two Spell inspired polishes are TEXTURED!  They are ONLY available individually and do not come as part of the full collection!

These polishes are available in full size and mini size.

Swatches courtesy of IG @pretty_in_pink_polish!