Summer Blooms Holo collection - Full Set

$ 36.00


Summertime screams for bright, sparkly polish, right?  When that polish is also black light reactive, it just gets better!  Our Summer Blooms collection is a set of five gorgeous, super saturated summer colors that are not only holographic, but also glow brightly under black light!

In this collection we have:

Poppy Red - a gorgeous bright coral-leaning red  

Marigold - true to its name, this is a yellow-orange holo polish reminiscent of marigold blooms  

Jade Plant - this holo is a beautiful jade green like its namesake, packed full of holo sparkle

Blue Hydrangea - A beautiful indigo-blue holo polish that looks just the color of deep blue hydrangeas 

Purple Phalaenopsis - a gorgeous orchid purple holo just as beautiful as the flower it was named for!


These polishes are jam packed with holo goodness, and so much fun!

These polishes are available in full size and mini size.

Swatches courtesy of IG @pretty_in_pink_polish!