Agent Coulson Marvel Duo

$ 17.00 $ 20.00

#CoulsonLives!  As an avid Marvel and Agents of SHIELD fan, I couldn't resist making this duo!  Full of great tongue-in-cheek sass, it also does a great job embodying everyone's favorite SHIELD agent: Phil Coulson!

Cap's Fanboy:  Everyone knows of Coulson's fanboy status of everything Captain America. Just like his quiet exterior, this polish initially seems like an unassuming, black jelly polish. Hidden within its dark depths however, are blue and red holo glitters, and white stars, displaying Coulson's fandomin a subtle, yet obvious way! 😂

Don't Touch Lola!:  If you've ever seen Agents of SHIELD, you know that you just don't. Touch. Lola!  😂  This red shimmer polish with scattered holo does a great job representing the beautiful red exterior, and hidden beauty within Lola. Now, to figure out how to make it fly...  😂