About Shinespark Polish

Shinespark Polish is a one-woman show!  I hand formulate and craft each and every polish from the finest materials, hand pour, bottle, and label the polishes, and ship them to you!  Everything is done in-house, from the mixing to the printing of the labels, to ensure that you get the best quality possible! 

I use big 5-free bases for all of my polishes, and offer polishes that I hope you will love using in your various manicures and nail art.  I also hold customer service #1, and if you are at all dissatisfied with an order, I encourage you to contact me about it!  I will do what I can to make it right!  While I cannot accept returns on polishes (due to health restrictions,) I will work with you to find an acceptable solution to any issues, as quickly as possible!

I stand by my products!  In fact, I use them myself!  I love the process of creating the polishes, trying new combinations of materials to achieve something different or new or fun!

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