Shinespark Polish FAQ & Policies

Shinespark Polish is an Indie nail polish maker.  Each polish is individually formulated, hand mixed, and hand poured, no laboratories here!  All polishes are big 5-free, and are carefully made to provide the highest quality polishes!  It is my sincere desire to provide you with polishes that you will love, and enjoy using in your manicures and nail art!


  • Do you really make all the polishes by hand?
    Yes.  Absolutely and completely.  At this time, I don't even use a mixer for the polish, though I frequently do for the soap, lol!  All polishes are made in small batches, typically no larger than 8 ounces at a time (16 full size bottles' worth!) in my workroom.  I do my best to mix the highest quality of polish possible.
  • What about your other products?  Do you make those as well?
    Yes!  We make all of our products unless otherwise specified.  All of our body products are hand made from scratch.  This includes our hand salve, cuticle oils, no-bite balm, and soaps!  We also make all of our soy-based wax tarts, and use a heavy fragrance load so they will scent your larger rooms with less wax used!
  • Are your polishes Vegan/Cruelty-free?
    Yes!  All our polishes are 5-Free, Vegan, and Cruelty-free!  I do my best to source the highest quality ingredients to give you the highest quality polish possible!
  • What exactly does "5-Free" mean, anyway?
    5-Free means that all of our polishes are free of the 5 most toxic chemicals that are (or were) commonly found in nail polish.  These chemicals are: Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Toulene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).  Additionally, our polish does not contain either ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), or xylene.
  • Watermarbling, do your polishes do it?
    This is a difficult question.  We did reformulate our original 80's Neon Cremes to watermarble beautifully (and they do!).  Since then, we also reformulated all of our polishes to use the same base to ideally obtain the same satisfactory spread on water.  We have personally had success with our Neon Cremes, the 90's Kids Neon Jellies, and our Multichrome polishes, though it is entirely possible (and likely!) that the others will marble well as well!  Some of our thicker polishes, such as those formulated to stamp and ones with glitters, are much less likely to watermarble.
  • Are there any tips that you might give in caring for your polish?
    ALL polish benefits from being kept out of the light and heat.  Light can break down the base it is kept in and cause premature separation, as well as cause effects polishes such as solars and thermals, to stop changing sooner.  While these polishes will always eventually lose their color changing ability, you can prolong it by keeping them in a dark environment, such as a nice, comfy Helmer drawer.  ;)
  • How about storing my wax tarts?
    I've been told several of our customers like to store their (used) wax in the freezer, for ease of removal from the warmer, if they like to frequently change scents.  I personally like to use a mug warmer/candle warming plate, and a silicone cupcake liner for my wax at home, because they're easy to pop out the used wax when you're ready to switch or it has (eventually!) burned all the scent out.
  • I've heard wax tarts can release carcinogenic chemicals into the air.  What about yours?
    Our wax tarts are soy.  While it is true that paraffin wax can release carcinogenic chemicals into the air when burned OR heated, soy wax is safe and does not release these chemicals when heated.  In fact, even burning soy wax is less harmful than paraffin (however due to the nature of burning, some chemicals are still released with soy wax candles as well).
  • I thought all of your products were vegan, but your hand salve uses beeswax, what gives?
    All of our polishes as well as our cuticle oils are vegan, however our goat's milk soaps and beeswax based hand salves (and no-bite cuticle balm) do contain animal products. 
  • Are your polishes gluten free?
    I realize this sounds like a strange question, but hear me out.  Some cosmetics companies DO use gluten in their products to change the consistency.  For those with gluten intolerance or gluten allergies/Celiac's, this can be a nightmare!  The inclusion of gluten in cosmetics can cause anything from no reaction, to a severe dermatitis reaction, as well as gastrointestinal distress should the person, say, get their finger in their mouth after having used a polish with gluten in it.  Our polishes, and ALL of our products, are absolutely gluten free, and will remain that way!
  • I bought some of your polishes, now what?
    Expect them to arrive in a few days.  I aim to pack orders the day I receive them, or within 24-48 hours at the latest, however due to my work schedule, turnaround time can take up to a week.  If there is a delay, or the online interface alerts me to an issue, I will email immediately, and let you know.  If you have a phone number provided, I may also call you, typically if there is an alert generated by the system.  I do this to help protect us both from fraud!  I ship everything via USPS, and USPS priority.
  • Why is international shipping so expensive?
    I actually priced the international rates just below what they cost me, so I am genuinely only charging what it costs me to ship those orders, and not even including cost of packing materials.  I apologize for this upfront, because I know how much it sucks.  :( 
  • I love the new labels, but why is there a small dot with a handwritten date on my new solar/thermal polish?
    Starting with the newest polishes (as of 3/2016!) we will be putting a "born on" date on effects polishes, such as solars and thermals.  Since these are made in small batches, these dates will be frequently changing as we make new batches, and thus we will just be hand writing the "born on" dates on the stickers.  Most effects polishes, assuming that they are stored away from heat and light, will last at least a year in the bottle.
  • I'm wearing one of your thermals/solars, and it seems like it stops changing after a few days?  Why?
    Thermals and solars use special color-changing pigments that react to either temperature or UV rays.  Both of these pigments can get "sunburned" so-to-speak, where they will stop changing if exposed to excessive/long-term UV rays, or in the case of thermals, if they are kept at high temperatures for long periods (such as on warm fingernails for several days! ;)  This effect is totally normal, and removing and reapplying will allow you to enjoy the effect again like new!  Please note that sunscreens will block the action of solar polishes, so if you wear sunscreen regularly and have trouble getting them to change, that is why. 
  • My solar creme polishes aren't  as opaque as my other Shinespark creme polishes!  Help!
    Most of our creme polishes use Titanium Dioxide for opacity.  In the case of solar polishes, we choose to avoid this pigment to encourage the transition with UV ray exposure, as Titanium Dioxide is a natural sunscreen (and is used in mineral-based sunblocks!)  Unfortunately, one effect of this is a less-opaque polish, hence the less-opaque creme. 
  • I did an awesome mani with your polishes!  Can I show you?
    Absolutely!  Feel free to tag us on Instagram @shinesparkpolish and #shinesparkpolish, for features!  We look at ALL tagged pictures!  :D

Store Policies:

  • All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.  If there is a legitimate defect, please contact us and we will do everything we can to fix it! 
  • Shinespark Polish is not responsible for misdelivered items due to incorrectly entered addresses.  Addresses are printed as they are received.
  • Shinespark Polish is not responsible for packages after they have shipped, however if something arrives broken, please contact us with pictures asap at so we can fix the issue.
  • Shinespark Polish is not responsible for taxes, tariffs, or duties incurred by Canadian orders.
  • Shinespark Polish cannot refund shipping for multiple orders to the same customer, but reserves the right to combine orders into one package for customer convenience.  
  • If tracking shows a package as delivered, Shinespark Polish will not reship or refund an order.
  • Shinespark Polish reserves the right to cancel and refund any order for any reason.