Autumn Sparkle 2017 Collection - Individual Polishes

$ 10.00

This autumn, we decided to take inspiration from the changing colors and different hues of the world around us.  This collection is a set of 6 holographic polishes in stunningly gorgeous hues.  Included in this collection are:

  • Autumn Twilight - a gorgeous pink/gold holo polish with strong linear holo.  This polish looks great on all skintones, appearing rose gold on those with warm skintones, and appearing more pink on those with cool tones. 
  • Copper Kettle - This is a beautiful coppery burnt orange, with strong linear holo.  This polish is a stunner in the sun or the shade, and works well with all skintones.
  • Early Harvest - A green/gold duotone holo, this polish pulls more green on cool toned skin, and more gold on warm tones.  Absolutely beautiful with its strong linear holo sparkle!
  • Fall Equinox - This is another duotone polish that is a gorgeous sea green teal to gold shift.  On cool toned skin, the polishes pulls more teal, while on warmer tones, appears more green.  So stunning in person, especially sparkling in the sun with its holo!
  • Autumn Morning - A gorgeous, crisp sapphire blue the perfect hue of a pre-dawn autumn morning.  This holo sparkles gorgeously in the sun, and has its own beautiful blue shine in the shade!  Looks great on all skintones!
  • Deep Slumber - You know that sleepy state in the fall when the temperatures are cool and perfect for sleeping buried under a mound of blankets?  This is like the warm, comforting darkness of that blanket cocoon, with added holo goodness.  Another polish that works with all skintones!

This collection is available in full size (15mL) and mini size (5mL).


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