Dragonriders of Pern Spring 2018 Collection -Individuals

$ 10.00

The Spring 2018 Dragonriders of Pern collection consists of 6 gorgeous polishes, most of which have a frosty, metallic finish, but leave behind no brush strokes!

Ruth is a white base polish with a red/orange/olive iridescent shift. Designed from the line in The White Dragon that states, “Ruth is more all dragon shades than none…” we thought it only fitting to also add some beautiful holo microflakes for some extra sparkle!

Ramoth is a gorgeous deep gold with just a hint of a green flash, designed after various descriptions of Ramoth within the books, including the “slightly green” description of Ramoth after Lessa’s incredible jump back in time! This polish also features scattered gold holo sparkle throughout!

Mnementh is a deep bronze shade modeled after F’lar’s beast of a dragon! This is a rich, metallic shade that also has the same scattering of gold holo sparkle throughout, to set it apart from the “lesser dragon colors!”

Canth is a rich, chocolatey metallic brown shade, named for F’nor’s great brown dragon. With the various heroics the pair engage in throughout the books, it was only fitting that Canth receive a polish all his own!

Irith is a beautiful medium blue polish with white microflake throughout, to give it a bit of sparkle along with the frosty finish.

Path is a medium spring-y green shade, again with white microflake throughout. This shade is named for Mirrim’s Path, one of the only “modern” fighting dragons with a female rider!

This set will be available in both full size (15mL) and mini size (5mL).

Images by Cosmetic Sanctuary on Instagram and Facebook, and Pretty_in_Pink_Polish on Instagram!

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