Fruity Jellies Spring 2017 Individual Polishes

$ 8.00

Spring 2017 is bringing us back to our roots, to a type of polish Shinespark does exceptionally well: Jellies! Our Fruity Jellies are much like our original Neon Jellies: highly pigmented, squishy, and great for a myriad of nail art techniques! Even better when paired with our Unicorn Hair white glow in the dark base, to add pops of color to stamping or create a unique and fun watermarble!

These Jellies are the classic rainbow counterparts to our neons:

Strawberry: Classic true red jelly polish

Tangelo: Bright orange jelly polish

Pineapple: Sunny yellow jelly polish

Kiwi: Rich green jelly polish

Blueberry: Bright blue jelly polish

Huckleberry: Deep purple jelly polish

Available in full size (15 mL) or Mini (5 mL).

Photos by IG Pretty_in_pink_polish!