Disney Princesses Part 1 - Full Set

$ 29.00

I am a huge Disney fan.  I love everything about it, and as a kid growing up, I was always eagerly awaiting the next big Disney animated feature!

I also grew up in a time where Disney created a lot of princesses that, as a kid, I really looked up to.

As a tip of the hat to so many of the awesome princesses that Disney has created movies about (even if the tales themselves were not their own!), I decided to do a small collection based off of four of the princesses I have a fondness for!

Aurora:  This is a gorgeous, bring pink polish that has a beautiful purple to blue multichrome flash, and very much reminds me of the changing dress scene at the end of the movie!

Belle:  My favorite Disney Princess, Belle's polish was a difficult one for me to get just right!  This is a golden, sunny yellow polish, just the color of Belle's ballgown, with a gorgeous gold to red multichrome flash.  This polish always reminds me of Belle's gown and roses!

Ariel:  This is a beautiful blue-teal polish, with a strong green to teal multichrome flash.  This polish reminds me heavily of Ariel's tale, as well as the dress she is so often portrayed in. 

Rapunzel:  One of the newer Princesses, but one of my favorites for her spunky attitude, this is a gorgeous purple polish with a strong purple to pink multichrome flash. 

These polishes are available in full size (15mL) or mini size (15mL).