Pokemon Go! Starters Crelly Collection - Full Set

$ 29.00

Pokemon Go! is a huge hit with the gaming community, and it's not hard to see why!  Anyone who has been a Pokemon fan has dreamed of a game that put you in the role of Pokemon trainer directly, and now, it's a reality!

I've been a huge Pokemon (and Pikachu!) fan since it was released in 1996, and what better way to honor such a huge leap for the series, than with its own collection!  This set of four polishes is based off of the possible starter Pokemon available in Pokemon Go!  So why is Pikachu in this collection?  Go take a Google at Pokemon Go! Easter eggs!  ;)

Polishes in this collection are:

Charmander:  The starter fire pokemon, this polish is Charmander's signature red-orange for the crelly base, and then packed with red hex glitters, chunky gold holo circle glitters, and a dusting of gold microglitter for a firey crelly that sizzles!

Pikachu:  Who can have a Pokemon collection without the ever-elusive (well, he was for me!) Pikachu?  This bright yellow-based crelly is full of red hex glitters and black tail-shaped bolts, and is definitely THE Pikachu polish to have!

Squirtle:  Squirtle, the starter water Pokemon!  This polish is a beautiful blue crelly base, and packed with chunky silver holo circles, small navy blue hex glitters, and gorgeous iridescent hex glitters throughout.

Bulbasaur:  The starter grass-type Pokemon, our Bulbasaur polish startes with a light teal crelly base, and is filled with darker teal hex and navy hex glitters, as well as the perfect coppery-pink holo chunky flower glitters for those times when you just really need a Venusaur instead. 

These are available in full size (15mL) or mini size (5mL), but please be aware that chunky glitters can be more difficult to apply with mini bottles due to the shorter brushes.