Unicorn Hair white Glow in the Dark Polish

$ 8.00

Ahh Unicorn Hair, a much awaited and anticipated polish!  This beauty looks like an unassuming, ordinary shimmery white polish, until nightfall!  Then it's glow in the dark side comes out as it glows a beautiful white!

This Polish was made specifically to work with our jelly polishes: just add a thin layer of jelly polish like during leadlighting or watermarbling, and the glow will light up your mani, making the colors shine all night long!  

This polish can be charged by normal means, but shines brightest when charged for a few seconds using a LED black light or LED gel light. Polish may have a few larger particles easily smoothed with topcoat due to the glow in the dark pigment used. Opaque in two coats. 

Available in full size 15 mL), or mini (5 mL).

Photos by IG pretty_in_pink_polish!