*Winter 2017* Galaxy Holo Flake Collection - Full Set

$ 50.00 $ 55.00

Our new Galaxy Holo Flake collection is a collection of 5 polishes that give new meaning to "galaxy mani in a bottle!"  These polishes come in some gorgeous, super-shifty multichrome finishes and are packed with holo flake pigments that remove easily and without soaking!  In this collection, we have the following polishes, all of which are opaque in 1-2 coats:

Sagittarius Galaxy: This is a gorgeous pink - red - orange - gold shifting multichrome polish with a beautiful finish.  Holographic flakes make this polish look as if it already has stars within.

Canis Major: This polish is a pink - gold - olive toned multichrome that has a more "broken up" multichrome finish, giving it more sparkle and depth than your average multichrome polish.  The holo flakes give this polish a little extra pizzaz!

Andromeda Galaxy: A deep green - teal - cyan - purple shifting polish with a smooth multichrome finish and holo flakes throughout. 

Milky Way: My personal favorite of the collection, this is another "broken up" finished multichrome, that shifts from cyan - blue - purple - pink.  This polish also has holo flakes that give it that starry sky in a bottle look.

Circinus Galaxy:  The darkest of the multichrome galaxies, this is a navy - indigo - violet - gold shifting polish that gives new meaning to "inky sky."  Holo flake stars finish this polish's allure!

All polishes in this collection are available in full size (15mL) and mini size (5mL).  Please note: the price of these polishes is slightly higher due to the more expensive nature of the multichrome and holographic pigments used in these polishes.