*Winter 2017* Snowfall Thermal Polish

$ 10.00

I absolutely love snow.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love nothing more than a quiet winter night, watching the snow drift down and cover the landscape.  When I was creating the Winter 2017 collection, I asked myself if there was any way I could make a polish that reminded me of snow without being a complete glitter bomb, because let's be honest - not everyone likes a glitter-packed polish.  :)

Thus, Snowfall was born.  Snowfall is a gorgeous dark blue-gray polish when cold, and a pale blue-gray when warm.  This polish is also packed with various sizes of holographic pigments, - not glitters! - which provide a feel reminiscent to the quiet, serene drift of snowfall.  For those seeking a little more oomph, we also included some scattered holo star glitters, however these are easy to avoid if you prefer the smooth, glitter-less look.  This polish has a unique depth to it due to its jelly-like finish, and does NOT become completely opaque by design!  Currently, this is my favorite polish in the Shinespark Polish lineup! 

Available in Full Size (15mL) and Mini Size (5mL).